Updated: Oct 11, 2020

"Contact" is what we all missed in 2020.

Artists have been swift to adapt to the situation, finding new ways to share work with their audiences online. But everyone agrees that the online experience is just NOT the same. This 'quarantine' had one good side though - it gave us time! Time to spend with ourselves. Turning our attention rather inside. Having moments of reflection and introspection, and having time to improve!

After all this months of "lockdown" I am very much looking forward to my next upcoming projects. Trying my best to organize or take part in as many events as possible. I missed the stage so much!

Life music is a full experience. Music is truth, music is beauty, music is a powerful healer! We need art and music in our life, now more than ever! Let's get back into the concert halls! Looking forward to see you there!

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